When it comes to pushing makeup to the extremes, no one does it better than a drag queen. In order to relieve some of us who have gone sans makeup since circuit-breaker started from withdrawal syndrome, we roped in one name in the new vanguard of Singapore drag entertainers for help.

Salome Blaque, who burst into the scene about three years ago with her peculiar-meets-retro aesthetic – her references range from the artist Cindy Sherman to ’50s Malay cinema legend Saloma – sat down for an episode of Female Homies on Instagram Live on May 12 to give a tutorial on how to ace one of the fundamental essentials of drag beauty: OTT lashes. We took notes during the 22-minute session but have summarised them below for your convenience:

1. Personalise your own design by layering different lengths and thickness of lashes together.

2. Use plastic lashes for your base as they give a more exaggerated shape and are strong enough to hold the layers of lashes you pile on them.

3. Hold the different layers of lashes together with adhesive. But ditch the usual lash glue for a stronger Mastix-based glue which is made from natural resin from the Mastix tree.

4. Spritz some hair spray on the falsies and comb them out to get more definition and shape.

5. Apply the lashes. Voila.

However, if you prefer to watch the entire process from start to finish and get some laughs, then simply click play above.