Besides modelling, we know that Iman Fandi can dance (we suggest you follow her on TikTok). We also recently discovered that she’s a budding pop star. But who knew that Iman, who turns 20 next month, is a makeup pro with a knack for creating adventurous beauty looks? For the record, she has pulled off maximalist blue and lime green eyeshadows to match a green and denim dress for a Gucci event. Last Halloween, she created a Joker face – not the Joaquin Phoenix version but a more toned down and modern take with black-coloured makeup.

Naturally, we wanted to see this hidden talent on camera when we rang her up for our most recent Female Homies session on April 16. Our request: For her to try her hand at creating a look inspired by the HBO hit Euphoria, a.k.a. the walking billboard for technicolour, glittery, shimmering, rhinestone-popping makeup. In short, it would be something right up Iman’s alley. Press play to see the results.