Dewy Choo is a woman of many hats. In this video by Xavier Kor, the 21-year-old describes herself as a model, content creator and – true to her brand of humour – the princess of Singapore. That title is not inaccurate, though. After all, she is somewhat of TikTok royalty here with more than 200,000 followers on the platform. Today, this gregarious media personality is channelling that influence to her new role: as nightlife impresario with the party collective Afterlife. Started with two other TikTok stars, Rayyan Azlin and Kai Xiang Thng, the Gen Z-focused shindigs they throw cater to the generation’s love affair with anything 2000s-leaning – just clock the themes such as “Y2K Night” and “Prom Night”. Intrigued to know more about these parties? Watch on for more.