How does one say goodbye to a home you grew up in all your life? For Singapore artist and dance photographer Tan Ngiap Heng, he’s chosen to put together a group exhibition that’s part of Singapore Art Week 2024, titled Eat Play Love, in a nod to the lives that have lived in this house over six decades.

Daily activities of eating, sleeping, playing, loving and fighting are all thing known to everyone yet are typically overlooked in their mundanity – this exhibition, comprising of site-specific works by Tan as well as artists Catherine Hu, Lei Yuan Bin, Khoo Guo Jie, Cynthia Delaney Suwito, Susanna Tan and Mike HJ Chang, invites visitors to relook at these simple yet essential acts.

Curated by artist and curator Michael Lee, this show is touching in its unabashed sentimentality, and should prove to be quite the draw as well for those interested in architecture – Tan’s family home, an expansive mid-century modernist masterpiece that sits in Holland Park, was designed by the late architect William Lim, one of the founding figures of Singapore architecture who designed iconic buildings like Golden Mile Complex. Tan intends to sell the house after the exhibition closes, so this is a rare chance to see a personal abode designed by the master architect.

Eat Play Love is on now till January 17-31, 11am-7pm daily, at C1 Holland Park, Singapore 249469 – entry is free but do register here.