At age 20, we were probably in bed reblogging photos on Tumblr and indulging in emo mini-prose by way of a 140 characters on Twitter. What some 20-year-old kids are doing now though, might too be on their laptops in bed — but their fruits are of an entirely different sort. Case in point: local musicians Yung Raja, Fariz Jabba, Ffion, Ysa Yaneza and Celine Autumn (front woman of Indie-pop band, Sobs). All of whom, aged 23 and under, have lit singles on Spotify and Youtube views in the hundreds of thousands to speak of (find out more here).

Featured in our November ‘Influential Gen Z’ creatives issue, we dig deeper with regards to how these five promising, bright-eyed musicians got their break, and where they think they’ll be — or achieve — in the next two years. To the latter, Jabba responds with endearing, millennial candour, “Probably [still] in my bed, because that’s where I write my raps.” Watch the video above.