Restomods, lo-riders, drifters — these are just some of the groups dominating the automative subculture. But for Izzraimy — first name basis only — he’s working towards making the scene into an all-inclusive one with his brand Basement One. Founded almost a year ago, he describes it as a lifestyle label that spans streetwear, graphic design and fashion, creating merchandise and paraphernalia like slogan tees, caps and sneakers. As Lasalle College of the Art student Nawfal ‘Aqasha discovers, Izzraimy who is also the co-founder of popular well-known creative production outfit Island Boys Collective, is also bent on fostering a community of diverse automative enthusiasts. Take for instance it’s regular meets, held in various locations around the island. These are open to almost every type of vehicles from cars to vans to bikes and always with the same message: No pops and bangs, no speeding and to clean up after themselves.