Aude Giraud is not a stranger to the scene if you are a fan of flowers and floral arrangements in Singapore. The former broadcast journalist from Paris, who relocated here with her husband in 2015, started her cheekily-named atelier AskAFrench in 2016.

That moniker also happens to be her nickname/Instagram handle as many people still have trouble pronouncing her name right she says — for the record, her first name sounds like “oat” and her last name is pronounced as “jee-row”. Today, she has built a steady fanbase (more than 16,000 on Instagram) who loves her effortlessly romantic and bohemian creations (how Parisienne is that?).

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So when it comes to getting some inspiration to kick off our weekend, we called on Giraud – she’s also a member of our Female Collective – for some help. Gamely, she set up an online tutorial for our latest episode of Female Homies to teach us how to create hand-tied standing bouquets.

In under 30 minutes, we managed to gain flower care tips, cheats on how to create dimension and depth with your bouquets and how to pick up the different blooms to replicate the kind of arrangements she’s known for. Suffice to say, it was time well-spent.

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