It’s been a busy two years for Belgian breakout star, singer-songwriter Angele. After topping the Euro charts in 2018 for her first studio album Brol, she has became one of the most sought after stars in France and Belgium. So much so that she landed herself as a Chanel Ambassador in 2020.

Three years later, the Belgian musician has a song collaboration with Dua Lipa, a second studio album, and an ongoing European tour on her list of achievements. The Nonante-Cinq 2022 Tour – named after her second studio album Nonante-Cinq, released in December 2021 – is the26-year-old’s most ambitious project yet. In part, due to her collaboration with Chanel creative director, Virginie Viard.

Her stage costumes on the year-long tour which began earlier in April and will conclude on April 29, 2023 are a collaboration between Viard and Angele herself. Taking inspiration from Chanel’s Spring/Summer 1995 collection, the singer performs in over a dozen customised Chanel stage looks that includes a silver sequined top and shorts with black knee-high boots.

Check out the process behind Angele’s custom Chanel wardrobe in this short 10-minute film, directed by Loic Prignet.