Pop quiz: What’s the difference between a fashion classic and a fashion icon? If distinctiveness and inimitability are part of the answer, then the Chanel jacket falls firmly under the latter category. Few garments in fashion history can lay claim to the same heritage and fame (cue the number of books and exhibitions that have been dedicated to it, or that G-Dragon and Pharrell have worn one).

A true icon however also possesses craft (see: G-Dragon and Pharrell) as well as relevance. And going by its Lesage-made tweed and the way Virginie Viard has playfully reimagined it for Cruise 2020 – her solo debut collection as Chanel’s creative director – the Chanel jacket is unequivocally Exhibit A.

The video above and gallery below aims to provide disciples of fashion and Chanel – both lifelong and aspiring – with a historical, sociological and technical view of the Chanel jacket so that they can better understand its cultural (and commercial) significance, and enduring appeal.

Course requirement: 110 seconds of your time. Note: You might feel compelled to buy a Chanel jacket after.

Art direction Hisyam A Rahman Studio videography Alicia Chong Studio photography Phyllicia Wang Styling Noelle Loh Hair & Makeup Sha Shamsi Model Emilia P/Looque Vintage & runway visuals Courtesy of Chanel