Ask what was the second most eye-popping thing on Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2018 runway besides the autumnal tree-lined, leaves-strewn set and my immediate answer — no contest — would be the gloves. Yup, g-l-o-v-e-s.

Something practically unspoken of, much less worn here these days unless you’re readying for that snowboarding getaway. Yet they accented a good number of the 81-look collection, paired with anything from tweed suits with elongated jackets, to Holly Golightly-esque black evening gowns. They ranged from fingerless biker style to opera lengths, all made from buttery soft lambskin and in unexpected colours like blue, pink and mottled gold.

Immediately they conjured a romantic elegance from a time past — a mood only enhanced by the other accessories in the collection. Glamorously bold or dangly earrings with gilded double “C” logos or floral motifs; strands of pearl and/or chain necklaces with baroque details; the introduction of a large foldover clutch that’s in fact more than meets the eye.

Old school romance + elegance — indeed a refreshing touch in these millennial, street wear obsessed times. But it does beget the question: how exactly does one wear them and still look youthful and modern? Our answer can be summed up in one word: attitude… or this fun little video that we’ve come up with. Here’s the modern way to accessorising like a lady.

Videography: Andrew Goh, assisted by Gary Chew
Styling: Noelle Loh, assisted by Soleil Mak
Hair: Ark Lin/Air Salon
Makeup: Weeming, using Chanel
Model: Kristy H/Mannequin
Music: Impromptu In Quarter Comma Meantone by Kevin Macleod & Mob Battle by Chosen
Location: Rose Marie Suite, special thanks to the Goodwood Park Hotel
All clothes and accessories from Chanel