OLIVIA ELEAZAR (@elkantlers)

(From left) Cotton-blend tank top and silk skirt. Silk organza jacket, matching pencil skirt, cotton-blend tank top, and matching briefs. All clothes and accessories, Max Mara unless stated otherwise

Who she is: The 24-year-old graphic designer, product stylist and body jewellery designer.

How she got her start: “To end up in the creative line was my prophecy in life. My mother says I learnt how to draw before I could talk or walk. Growing up in the age of technology, I became naturally inclined towards digital tools and software. That led me to graphic design.”

Define creativity: “Being fearless in manufacturing ideas; exploring the unknown and untested; and being as original as possible in all ways.”

Her power-woman uniform: “All-black, head to toe.”

GLADYS SOH (@gladyssoh)

(From left) Silk organza trench coat, and leather ankle-strap sandals. Earrings, Soh’s own. Wool and tulle jumper, silk skirt, and leather ankle-strap sandals

Who she is: The 27-year-old conceptual photographer and founder of children’s photography school Gosh Kids.

How she sums up her work: “A dedication to my love for colours –my pictures are always brightly coloured and highly saturated. I like to call myself ‘the technicolour artist’.”

Define creativity: “(It is) being original and allowing yourself to boldly explore and push your own limits. It should never be something that’s copied, or what’s the ‘hype’ of the season.”

What she loves about her work: “Building a connection with children. Breaking them out of their insecurities and developing their creative confidence are challenges I enjoy most.”

Her power-woman uniform: “Statement earrings, shiny shoes, and a smile.”


(From left) Jersey top, cotton pencil skirt, and leather ankle-strap sandals. Cotton pantsuit and jersey top

Who she is: Popularly known as Hutch, this 30-year-old is the head personal spirits advisor at Proof Flat by EC Proof.

What she loves about her work: “Talking and meeting people from all over the world who are curious and open to learning about the cocktail universe.”

What is confidence: “Taking control of where you are and running full steam ahead, even if that means you’re scared and have no idea what you’re doing – you’ll figure out how to cross the bridge once you get to it.”

Her power-woman uniform: “I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl all day, every day. The only thing I need to make me feel powerful are my combat boots.”

At work, she is… “Sassy, but not bitchy, funny but not flirty.”

This feature is in collaboration with Max Mara.

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