fendi scented leather
The regular Fendifrenesia baguette (left), US$3,390 (S$4,610) and nano (middle) US$630 (S$857)

Partnering with Parisian perfume house Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Fendi brings a new sensory experience with its iconic Baguette bag which will sport scented leather for the first time. Cue the Fendifrenesia: a musky scent concocted to complement the scent of Selleria leather. Created especially by Maison Francis Kurkdjian for Fendi, one can expect hints of (even more) leather and musk encapsulated in a gender-neutral scent. 

The bag goes beyond an olfactory experience as well. Captured by Canadian-Swiss artist Christelle Boule through the process of depositing perfume onto coloured paper and then leaving it out to dry, the bag’s final design reveals a bright, yellow base with white imprints.

The limited-edition scented Fendi Baguette comes in two sizes – regular US$3,390 (S$4,610) and nano US$630 (S$857).  Each bag also houses a mini 5ml bottle of the fragrance, and can be worn or the skin or used to restore the bag’s scent. This bag will be available at December exclusively in the Fendi Miami Design District Boutique, with the Nano Baguette available online in the US and Europe as well. 

Watch the video above for a closer look at the Fendifrenesia.