Selecting your homeware is no different from putting an outfit together, says Wendy Long. She should know. Not only does she have a voracious appetite for fashion, Long is a true foodie who we have turned to for advice on the best restaurants to call for your circuit-breaker deliveries.

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According to this ‘faceless’ style star – she rarely shows her face on social media or to the press – the best way to honour the painstaking effort by the chefs to prepare your meal is to have them plated nicely at home. “When you go to a nice restaurant, it will be nicely set. It’s the same food, just that you’re having it at home,” she said.

To recreate the restaurant dining experience with your chinaware, start with the basics like plates and bowls and settle on the main set that will be something you will use often – this is not unlike shopping for your wardrobe staples, say, an LBD. Also, shake up conventional table setting etiquette and be open to using a bread roll dish to serve your desserts or petit fours, or turn a salad bowl as a dish for your soups for example – it’s akin to being experimental and versatile with your styling. For more tips, simply hit play above.