So, we’ve told you why Huawei’s latest drop, the P30 series, might just be the phone that every fashion girl needs now. The It accessory comes in trendy, unexpected finishes with lustre to rival that of a Halpern collection. Then there’s the super camera on the Pro model that guarantees a front row view, whether you’re at Fashion Week or just want that Instagram-perfect holiday shot.

Now, we show you just what exactly we’re talking about. Thanks to its Superzoom lens, the Huawei P30 Pro offers magnification of up to five times optically and an impressive 50 times digitally — we know it allows one to capture the crowd up on Marina Bay Sands‘ Skypark from ground level because we tried it. Meanwhile both the P30 and P30 Pro models boast a combination of optical and AI stabilisation for clear, crisp images even when you’re on the go.

Add low-light capabilities and Ultra High Definition, and you’re looking at your shiny new toy (literally — what with the opalescent Breathing Crystal and metallic Aurora finishes) for creating your very own fashion film, which is what we did. Click play above for your front row view to our little indie short that was partly shot on the P30 Pro.


Videography Justin Chen, assisted by Trisno Dimas Styling Damian Huang Hair & makeup Lin Hongling Model Nuria/Looque