We recently caught up with Preeti Nair (aka Preetipls) and Michelle Lee & Charlotte Tan of Youtiao666.

Nair first shot to fame last year after parodying local influencer Saffron Sharpe’s “fashion police” video, has since carved out a public who hanker for her irreverent sense of humour. The Youtiao666 girls on the other hand, exploded internationally thanks to an uncannily sharp dubsmash video of them mimicking car sirens.

If you’re an ardent fan like we are, you’d know that the trio often appears together in Nair’s videos and have been friends for years. We got them to answer questions about each other and find out who’s the better friend.

For a more in-depth read into the kinks of their friendships and what makes them tick, head here to check out our profile of the trio.

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