It goes without question that the fashion industry needs to be fixed and if we don’t do something about it now, it can cause greater harm to our environment.

Current estimates from a Greenpeace study show that clothing consumption is set to rise by 63 per cent by 2030 and in a another study by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it is reported that most of us are wearing about less than 40 per cent of our clothes compared to a decade ago.

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However, not all hope is gone. According to pre-owned fashion portal Vestiaire Collective, the solution’s entirely in our hands; it’s all about taking a stand fast fashion and embracing circularity.


From now to Nov 3, Vestiaire Collective will not charge a commission fee when you make a first-time deposit of your pre-loved items on the site.

Bringing their message across to fashion lovers worldwide, the site has created an inspiring short film alongside director Sophie Jones and notable sustainable fashion activists like Aja Barber, Venetia LaManna, and Dan Pontarlier.

To get started on your circular fashion lifestyle, visit Vestiaire Collective’s website to make a first-time deposit of your pre-loved items without incurring a commission fee.