Mention the ’70s and hedonistic glamour would come to mind. But there is a more subdued and practical side to the decade that is being championed by designers for Fall. The era’s bourgeois chic – think frilled turtlenecks, silk pussy-bow blouses and the like – has become a big draw for the modern woman today. Just ask Nicola Glass, the creative director of Kate Spade New York.  Her Fall 2019 designs go big on “soft glamour” from the ’70s and imagine a wardrobe that is spirited, feminine and effortless.

What all that translates to: Elevated wardrobe staples like flowy midi wrap dresses, tailored flare pants and silk hats that are grounded in jewel-toned colours like emerald green and amethyst violets, and in rich fabrics like velvet, jacquard and silks. As she puts it: “I was inspired by the idea of a woman’s closet and the thought of where clothes end up rather than where they originated.” If one ever needs proof of the universal appeal of these clothes, just see how even a K-Pop princess such as Dara Park can wear them.

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