Owning vintage lets you own a piece of fashion history as well as helping you reduce your carbon footprint. That was the main takeaway when editor-in-chief Noelle Loh hosted an Instagram Live session last Thursday, May 21, with Azzurra La Mantia. The Sicilian-born La Mantia, who runs A Vintage Tale in Joo Chiat, gave us a show-and-tell featuring some of her prized possessions from her well-curated archives such as a pair of printed pants by Franco Moschino from the late ’80s which featured a print inspired by the excitement of the birth of a new technological era during that era called the Internet. The print featured Moschino’s witty take on Apple’s iconic rainbow-coloured logo, and motifs like computer wires and mouse.

Other gems from the session included a Gucci dress and a Fendi bag circa the ’70s which showed off La Mantia’s pride in curating pieces from her country’s storied fashion houses. But buying vintage is more than just an exercise in home pride – it is also one of the best ways to remain sustainable. “Why can’t we wear a dress that’s 40 years old if it’s still in good condition instead of wearing a new item that’s made from plastics or nylon that is dangerous for our planet?” Brava, Azzurra, brava.