Not even a bad Instagram connection could get in the way of our private tour inside the wardrobe of devoted Saint Laurent fan Wendy Long last Thursday. After all, it is not often that the notoriously anonymous fashion fanatic – check out her Instagram account @applebytesblog where she documents her outfits without ever showing her face – lets anyone get this up close and personal. In true form, she answered the second call from editor-in-chief Noelle Loh in an antelope hair mini dress which model Adut Akech wore for the Fall/Winter 2018 show. It was a show stopper (check) that provided the right amount of shield for her face (double check) thanks to the exaggerated flourish on the neckline. As Long put it: “Especially with what we are going through right now, we should be living in the moment. If you want to wear whatever you want to wear, just do it, because you never know what tomorrow brings.”