Merino wool jumper, cotton-blend maxi skirt, and leather platform sandals. All clothes and accessories, Diane von Furstenberg unless stated otherwise


The past two years has seen this quirky, free-spirited DJ/stylist focus on creative projects and collaborations, and advocating against waste in the fashion industry on a personal level. (She’s big on thrift store shopping and often challenges herself to create new looks with her existing wardrobe.)

This year, she’s stepping up on both. For one, she hopes to nurture the next generation of artists and designers, so besides training to become a children’s arts instructor, she’s recently started working part-time at the creativity-oriented kid’s charity Playeum.

Meanwhile, rediscovering fabric leftover from the days of Yesah, her defunct fashion label, has sparked off her most ambitious idea as an eco-warrior: a lifestyle concept covering everything from clothes to art objects made solely from said “scraps”. She says: “Whatever material I have will determine the result.” Being in charge means “Being responsible for making the right decisions.” Female role model “My mother, who always makes wise decisions.”

Cotton shirt and silk pants and matching belt. Jewellery, Seah-Ong’s own


At work, she heads a team of 11 as co-founder of boutique branding agency Elementary Co. At home, she’s the firm yet friendly “boss” of two toddler girls. And everywhere she goes, she commands attention with her preternatural fashion savvy.

So how is Seah-Ong going to rule next? With Life Beyond Grades, a movement she helped kick off to “get parents to see past grades and encourage their children’s passions”. Details are still under wraps, but visit its IG account (@lifebeyondgrades) for quotes on “raising kids in a disrupted world”.

Female role model “Christiane Amanpour, one of the few women reporters who go out into the field, and one of the few credible reporters. She doesn’t take s**t from anyone.” Being in charge means “Wearing the pants.”

Sequinned silk slip dress and leather boots. Jewellery, Ang’s own


This sprightly DJ/designer has always taken things into her own hands. Sensing a lack of support for female DJs, she co-founded Attagirl!, a collective that hosts parties with all-woman line-ups. Last year, it was Baowbaow – to promote bass music and its sub-genres through events with underground acts.

While the latter launches a regular club night and more shows in 2018, expect Ang to kick off another agenda: a career as a tattoo artist. “I’ve been practising since last year, but was quite distracted,” she says. “Now, I’ll focus. This is my year (to do this).” What she’d like to control “Gender politics, and how black and white the discussion is.” Being in charge means “Owning up to your own weaknesses, and highlighting your strengths to enable others.”

Photography Vee Chin, assisted by Sherman See-Tho Styling Imran Jalal Hair Sean Ang/Fac3inc, using Ouai Makeup Manisa Tan/Paletteinc & Melissa Yeo/Fac3inc

This feature is in collaboration with Diane Von Furstenberg.

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