Narelle Kheng – bassist/vocalist of local pop group The Sam Willows (of which much anticipated sophomore album is slated to drop anytime now) – is famous, notorious even for being straight up, no holds barred. On the side, she co-runs the indie co-working and events space/dive bar 21 Moonstone, which hints at her creative tastes but only just so. And when we decided to invite her along to Paris Fashion Week in March and allow us to document her whole experience (her first), she said yes, but not without asking dozens of questions about the industry and clarifying that she has no intention of switching professions to become a fashion influencer.

All this only told us that we had made the right decision. It also told us that there’s a whole lot more to this pint-sized, strawberry pink-haired 24-year-old than her stage and Instagram persona. So during some down time in between the shows, we threw her some millennial-ly existentialist questions. We’re not sure how much more you’ll learn about her from the video (you can watch the other “episodes” from our mini web documentary series here, here and here). But we’re pretty sure it’ll create more Narelle converts.

All jewellery featured from Tiffany & Co’s T and HardWear collections


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