If you love the Chanel Premiere watch, its latest rendition will make you want it more. We know we do when we were treated to a preview of the ticker at Hong Kong this week (#MeetMyBoyfriend). Here are 5 reasons why we dig it.

5 Things You Need To Know About Chanels Boyfriend Watch 4Pretty face Sam Rollinson plays the poster girl for the handsome watch.

See the Boyfriend close up here from our trip in Hong Kong for its regional launch.

#1 IT HAS A CATCHY NAME A watch that’s officially named Boyfriend is hard to forget. It is the latest addition to the brand’s flagship Premiere collection. The latter holds the honour as the maison’s first ever watch design – it debuted in 1987. Judging by its looks, the Boyfriend has all the makings of a classic Premiere watch. Starting with the long octagonal shape of the case, which takes its cues from the Chanel No 5 bottle opener and the geometric shape of the Place Vendome, where Chanel’s jewellery boutique is located (Trivia: That store directly faces the Ritz suite which Coco Chanel rented as her apartment). 

5 Things You Need To Know About Chanels Boyfriend Watch 3

You will recognise all the design features of a typical Premiere with the Boyfriend watch, plus a more masculine appeal.

#2 IT’S MEANT TO LOOK ANDROGYNOUS If typical Premiere watches are quintessentially girly, the Boyfriend looks more like a classic men’s evening watch – Don Draper would so rock this to dinner. Which makes perfect sense since Coco Chanel has always had strong men around her who influenced her sartorial sense (thank her great loves like Boy Capel, Grand Duke Dimitri and the Duke of Westminster for this).

#3 IT’S HANDSOME AND BIG There are only two sizes: L and XL. The smaller one measures 34.6mm x 26.7mm with a quartz movement and a date counter. While the other, the biggest rendition for the Premiere ever, stands at 37mm x 28.6mm, and comes with a manual-winding movement and a small seconds counter.  

5 Things You Need To Know About Chanels Boyfriend Watch 7

The watch boasts a larger than usual size for the Premiere, might explain why men would want to wear it too.

#4 THE DETAILS ARE LUXURIOUS The materials are refine: The Boyfriend comes in either an 18K white gold or 18K biege gold case (a lighter shade of gold the maison created with a Swiss goldsmith for the J12-365 watch it launched in 2014). The finishing is even more so: The case has a stepped bevel finish (a task made more difficult for its artisans to polish due to the octagonal shape). Look closer and you will notice that even the sapphire glass crystal is finished this way. Besides the black alligator strap, there is also a navy and red option.

5 Things You Need To Know About Chanels Boyfriend Watch 6The Boyfriend uses the unique beige gold that Chanel introduced last year.

#5 YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT Because the Boyfriend watch only hits stores in September. The price has not been fixed yet, but it starts from $17,000 (relationships are expensive, naturally). Our advice: Start putting your name on the wait list now.

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