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8 Different Necklace Types And What To Get To Complement Your Face

These necklaces will have you looking fab.

Scenario: You walk past a jewellery shop and spot a necklace that makes your heart flutter. You try on the beautiful piece but somehow, it just doesn’t look right on you. Why? It’s probably because the necklace isn’t complementary to your face shape. What’s that, you say? Yeap, your face shape has a huge effect on which jewellery matches you best.

So to save you from the heartache, we’ve broken down eight common necklace designs — from chokers to pendants and opera necklaces — that you’ll find in the market, how to identify them and how to pick one that suits your face shape. With this knowledge in mind, you can make the best choices when shopping for a shiny accessory in future. Knowing your face shape and which necklaces will compliment your features will tie that outfit together and make you look on point, every day.

Balenciaga leather, metal and crystal choker, US$1,080 (S$1,469), The choker is a tight-fitting piece that is wrapped snugly around your neck. It can be made of different materials, such as velvet, plastic, leather, beads and metal. A popular silhouette of the ‘90s, the choker has since seen a resurgence in popularity because well, retro is cool again. It’s edgier and more sensual, denoting a spunky personal style. They are usually about 14 inches in length. Best for: Oval, rectangle, diamond, square and heart shaped faces. Not for: Round shaped faces. Why: The tight, curved silhouette of the choker would further accentuate the fullness of a round face shape, but it balances out the angular features of the others.  Collar necklace
Tohum Mega Puka gold-plated crystal necklace, US$266 (S$361), Like a collar of a shirt, the collar necklace encircles the base of the neck and rests flat just above the collarbone. The collar is slightly longer than a choker, and hence less close-fitting, but is just slightly shorter than a princess (see below). They are usually about 16 inches long. Best for: Oval, rectangle, diamond, square and heart shaped faces. Not for: Round shaped faces. Why: Similar to the choker, the collar necklace flatters the more angular face shapes rather than someone with a round face shape.  Princess necklace
Piaget Possession 18-karat rose gold, turquoise and diamond necklace, US$1,955 (S$2,660), You probably own a piece of princess necklace as it is the most common silhouette that can be found for a necklace. Ending just below the collarbone, princess necklaces are usually delicate and feminine. It’s been said that this length — usually around 18 to 19 inches — is the most universally flattering style to wear. Best for: Oval, rectangle, diamond, square and heart shaped faces. Not for: Round shaped faces. Why: Same as choker and collar necklaces.  Opera necklace
Dinosaur Design Shifting Planes gold-tone and tortoiseshell resin necklace, US$323 (S$439), Opera necklaces are long — around 30 to 35 inches — and, depending on the design, can reach until the belly button. They sit at the breastbone. The length adds to the style’s versatility as it can be worn as a single strand or folded twice to create a multi-layered effect to up the statement factor. Best for: Round, oval, square, heart and diamond shaped faces. Not for: Rectangle shaped faces. Why: Opera necklaces that form a V-shape are especially great for round faces as the angular silhouette balances the curved fullness of your facial features. In contrast, a soft U-shape opera necklace will balance the pointy feature of a square face shape. A rectangle face shape is already longer than it is wide, so an opera necklace might make the face look extra lengthy.  Matinee Necklace
1064 Studio gold-plated necklace, US$194 (S$264), The easiest way to identify a matinee necklace is from its length — at around 22 inches to 24 inches, it’s longer than the princess but shorter than the opera, stopping around the top of your bust area. This design is especially great if you wish to bring the focal point to your cleavage with a v-neck top, for example. Best for: Round, oval, square, heart and diamond shaped faces. Not for: Rectangle shaped faces. Why: The same theories for the U- and V-shape silhouette of the opera necklace applies for the matinee design. Those with oval faces who are conscious of the length of their faces should avoid matinee and opera lengths too, as the long span of the piece further adds to the length of the face. Pendant
Alexander McQueen silver-tone, Swarovski crystal and faux pearl necklace, US$865 (S$1,177), Pendant necklaces can be easily distinguished as it has only two components — a chain and pendant that hangs from it (i.e. a dangly focal point of the necklace, which can be anything from a coloured gemstone to a diamond to hoops and other ornaments in various shapes, sizes and materials) — and can vary in length. It usually hangs straight down. A locket is a classic example of the pendant necklace style. Best for: Round, oval, heart and diamond shaped faces. Not for: Rectangle and square shaped faces. Why: Because the pendant forms a V-shape design, it could pull and lengthen the look of a rectangle face shape. Similarly, the angular silhouette would also make the sharp square face look too defined and harsh. Bib necklace
Sole Society bib necklace, S$144 from Nordstrom As the name suggests, the bib necklace has a similar silhouette and covers the same area as a bib would, i.e. the area around the collarbone. Because of its broad size, the bib necklace is usually dramatic and statement-making. The bib can range from being boho-esque with many layers of beads and bobbles, to being encrusted with precious stones or conveying sophistication with the use of rose gold, gold, silver or platinum. Best for: Oval, rectangle, diamond, square and heart shaped faces. Not for: Round shaped faces. Why: The bib necklace is especially great for those with heart-shaped faces as they have broader foreheads and cheekbones that taper to the chin. That means the substantial fullness of the bib will help to create an illusion of fullness that balances the sharp chin. They aren’t suitable however for round face shapes, as the curved silhouette and hefty structure will only add to the fullness.  Graduated necklace
Sydney Evan Celestial Charm 14-karat yellow and white gold diamond necklace, US$4,498 (S$6,119), Graduated necklaces are usually made with beads or pearls that go from the smallest size at the back where the clasp is, to the largest in front at the centre of the necklace. Besides beads and pearls, graduated necklaces can also feature a row of pendants that go from small at the ends to large at the centre. The play on size creates a dynamic visual draws the eye to the collarbone or bust area. Best for: Oval, rectangle, heart and diamond shaped faces.  Not for: Round and square shaped faces.  Why: The curved shape of a graduated necklace would amplify the roundness of a round shaped face. Actually, square shaped faces could wear a graduated necklace, but only if the necklace ends in a curve rather than a point, as the latter would accentuate their defined features.