a lange & sohne michelle chen

My favourite novelty from A. Lange & Sohne this year The Lange 1, which is also its best-selling timepiece. The watch undergoes an update this year, after 20 years, with a new manual-winding movement. Besides the slimmer bezel, you wouldn’t notice anything different about the watch; we wanted to preserve the identity of the line. The movement features eccentric poising weights on the shock-resistant balance wheel to provide greater accuracy.

The most underrated movement from the brand Our Saxonia collection. For a watch that costs around $22,000, you get the three-quarter plate, a gold bezel, the 72-hour power reserve, gold chatons, and most of the main features you expect in the Lange 1. Flip the Lange 1 and Saxonia over to the back, and they’re comparable. We don’t compromise on quality, despite the differences in value.


The one thing I love about Glashutte Our founder, Ferdinand A. Lange, and the brand itself are part of the town. Glashutte is not a big place – there are only three cafes, one bakery and a post office in the main town – but the monuments dedicated to his legacy show the brand is part of the community.

The must-go spot in Germany The Sophienkeller restaurant in the city of Dresden, for its traditional dishes like pork knuckles and huge pints of beer. It’s a themed restaurant with dining areas that are kitted out to look like a carnival with a carousel, a kitchen or dungeon.

An adapted version first appeared in 24:7. 

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