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Baselworld Update: A Quieter Side for Swarovski Watches

Swarovski Goes Casual

Swarovski watches are normally crystal-studded, glitzy appendages. At Baselworld this year, which kicks off on March 18, the brand took a more discreet approach. Forthe press preview, the brand showcased its Aila Day Double Tour watch (seen here on the wrist of poster girl Miranda Kerr).Swarovski Does A Quieter Take With Its Watch

It is done in a fashinonable double-loop style in a denim blue leather (so far nothing outre yet). The dial (no official word on the diameter as of now) keeps to the same tack; oversized and adorned by 52 crystals on the bezel. Are we seeing a more subtle trend with the brand? Check out this space as we bring you more updates from the watch fair.