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This Exciting New Swiss Watch Label Is Really "Woke"

It's about time, we say.

Compared to the fashion industry, the watch world has lagged behind when it comes to embracing ethical design. That’s not to say that there aren’t exceptions. We’ve heard of how Chopard is going full steam ahead with using fair-mined gold with all of its products from this year. Then there are niche and indie watch brands like Melbourne-based Time IV Change which features cases crafted from recycled aluminium cases and vegan leather straps.

The latest player in the game is a Swiss watch brand whose name might ring a bell. Last week, horology conglomerate Richemont Group debuted Baume online. An off-shoot of the 188-year-old Baume & Mercier watch company, think of this new kid on the block as a diffusion label at a fashion house, with the purpose of targeting a younger, millennial audience. But just how is the brand changing the game? We list down the ways it’s staying “woke”.

#1: The look is fresh

Will this new launch revive the buzz for Baume & Mercier which is often overshadowed by the bigger boys in the Richemont family? While it seems too early to call, the two watch collections that Baume debuts show a great understanding of contemporary design.

Baume is made for fans of minimalist design.

That minimalist design approach means the dials are uncluttered, indexes come with neutral typefaces, and the lugs and bezel sport clean and organic lines. In short: these watches are legible and timeless sans the traditional and more conservative aesthetic often associated with luxury Swiss watch brands.