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The South Korean Jewellery Brand Minimalist Lovers Will Dig

South Korea is the destination du jour for its advanced skincare and makeup products - but there's more to the country than just its booming beauty industry. 

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Beauton is an up-and-coming Seoul-based jewellery brand that boasts distinctive aesthetics that will definitely appeal to all minimalist lovers. What sets it apart from other minimalist brands is how it draws its inspiration from objects found in daily life and sculptural figures. We chatted up with the founder herself, Kayoung Kim, about her influences and what makes her brand stand out.

  1. What made you decide to start up your own jewellery brand?

Kayoung Kim (KK): “I majored in sculpture and worked as a fashion buyer in Seoul for many years. Combining my eye for tactile, sculptural objects, and knowledge of the wholesale/buying industry, I decided to launch the brand in 2016.”

  1. What makes your brand stand out? 

KK: “Each piece is simple, focusing on the sculptural element through the use of refined lines and curves. Think pared-down accessories that are still impactful enough to elevate an everyday look.”

korean jewellery

  1. How does your background in Sculpture help with the creative process of your work?

KK: “My familiarity with three-dimensional shapes and study of the human anatomy – all trained from my experience with sculpting – aids me with the curation of my designs. Also, each piece is handcrafted with sterling silver, emphasising witty structures that derive from the human silhouette.”

  1. Where do you draw inspiration from?

KK: “The brand’s aesthetics stems from objects found in daily life, catching and matching sculptural elements with a beautiful tone. I tend to get inspired by other methods of artworks like drawings and performing art pieces, along with sculptures.”

  1. What are some jewellery trends amongst millennials and how does Beauton cater to them?
  2. KK: “Looking at the trendy jewellery pieces these days, one thing noticeable is how witty the designs are. It seems like the millennials are seeking for something more than just an accessory – something new that provides small enjoyment within everyday life. While carrying out the process of designing and creating products, I always work as if I am creating a piece of artwork. I hope jewellery can serve as an artwork one can easily access and wear within their daily life and express their personal colour and character through, apart from simply being an accessory.”

korean jewellery

  1. How do you think Beauton caters to the modern, trendy and fashion crowd?

KK: “Beauton strives to create designs that are approachable and loved by both males and females. As mentioned above, I hope our customers can utilise the jewellery not only as an accessory, but as something they can express their personal colour, aesthetic tastes, and character.”

  1. What else can we expect from Beauton in 2017?

KK: “We will be interpreting our signature products through collaborations with artists. So I sincerely wish to promote these collaborated works worldwide, through online and offline displays.”

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