A little background: Back in 1999, at a time when minimalism was part of the zeitgeist, Roman jewellery house Bvlgari launched a collection of rings that would become a cult favourite among jewellery fiends. Called the B.Zero1, that debut saw thick bands made from coils of white gold and yellow gold — achieved via the tubogas technique which got its name from industrial gas pipes from the ’20s and features malleable coils of precious metal that are produced without soldering.

The inspiration for the OG B.Zero1 designs — like many of Bvlgari’s pieces — take after the city’s historical past. In this case, the architecture and bold curves of the Colosseum inform the sumptuous curves and geometric aesthetic of the pieces. Through the years, the collection has gone through fashionable updates in marble and a collaboration with the late architect Zaha Hadid. Fast forward to 2019, and the brand is marking the line’s coming of age with a series of commemorative pieces.

A five-band white gold ring with paved diamonds (above) is just one of the commemorative designs released for the B.Zero1 20th Anniversary collection.

The 20th Anniversary Edition

What’s new: Over 15 designs have been created for this 20th anniversary — making it one of the biggest outings for the collection. Among them a reissue of the five-band originals in yellow gold and white gold ring, and for the first time ever, a five-band ring in rose gold as well as a white gold ring fully paved in diamonds. All four designs are engraved with “XX Anniversary” (the roman numeral for 20) on their inner ferrule, marking them instant collectables.

And to encourage stacking and make your wrist feel more comfortable, the B.Zero1 bracelets are now more lightweight and thinner. As for the wave-like designs that Hadid created in 2017, they too get a facelift: new variations of rings and pendants feature sleek black ceramic or white ceramic now.

The wavy designs by Zaha Hadid from Bvlgari’s collaboration with the late architect now comes fused with sleek ceramic.

Why bother: Because anything launched as part of a commemorative range is an instant collector’s item. These designs will not appeal to just architectural and design types. For one, they never seem to age even after 20 years down the road — a testament to their subtlety and timeless appeal. And coming from a maison like Bvlgari which has built a reputation for glamorous and flamboyant creations (why else would the late Elizabeth Taylor be a fan?), wearing these thick but minimalist bands are a style hack you can cop if you dig everyday jewellery that can still make a big style statement.

How much: From $3,120 for a five-band ring and from $1,600 for a single-band ring at all Bvlgari stores. The rings and pendants are already in stores, but the bracelets will only be available from April.