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Caroline Issa On The Inspiration Behind Monica Vinader's First-Ever Collab

Monica Vinader's first collaboration is a lustrous gemstone collaboration with fashion multi-hyphenate Caroline Issa. Here, Issa talks about the significance of jewellery, her grandmother's heirlooms and her fantasy wardrobe.

The Monica Vinader x Caroline Issa collection boasts gemstones that were all individually picked by Issa herself

Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

 Hard to choose, but I think the cocktail earrings will be pieces that I’ll be wearing constantly – for day to night outfit changes, for the joy the colour and juiciness of the gemstones together and their natural shape and beauty.

You mention positive energy as a factor in choosing these gemstones. Do you feel that gems have a transformative energy when wearing them?

 I’ve heard of yoga studios in Los Angeles whose floors are strewn with gemstones and capped with windowpane layer to do the yoga on top of, and I understand why. I do think there is something so naturally organic about the vibrancy of these stones that one can’t argue with the positive feelings and transformative energy you feel when close to them, when wearing them!

 Could you tell us how you imagine these pieces being styled and what one would be able to wear with them?

 The pieces are so versatile – the little huggy earrings with drop gemstones are daily wear (I like mixing up the pairs so I wear different coloured ones). This is a collection to wear with a T-shirt and jeans or with the most beautiful of cocktail dresses or tuxedoes. I think they are appropriate for a touch of joy in a tailored work outfit in the form of the simple drop charm necklaces or even the charm bracelet peeking out of your blouse and jacket.

Finally, you mention your “fantasy jewellery wardrobe” – tell us a little about this. What were some of the elements you imagined that Monica Vinader and yourself were able to bring to life?

I think with my Cartier vintage watch that I switch up with my Hermes band apple watch, my great-grandmothers bracelet, my MV x CI collab bracelet is a lovely addition for a maximalist wrist! I rotate earrings daily so I love being able to have so many to mix and match. Might need to pierce another hole to accommodate it all.