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Cartier Reminds Us Why the Juste Un Clou is One of the Most Modern Jewellery Around

The word iconic is so misused these days, but you won’t be faulted for using it to describe this jewellery range from Cartier. In fact, you don’t have to be an expert to know that this curvy nail-shaped jewellery with its Dali-esque curves and industrial-inflected look comes from the maison. For the record, though, it’s the Juste un Clou collection, which in French literally means, “just a nail”.

Originally designed by its in-house designer Aldo Cipullo in 1971, the bracelet follows another of his most famous piece for the maison, the Love bracelet, which he created two years earlier. Urban legend has it that the inspiration for the Juste un Clou came from Cipullo’s frustration that he wasn’t allowed to nail picture frames on the wall of his Manhattan apartment.

In 2012, Cartier revived the nail jewellery, which has since become the go-to piece for the memento you buy to mark a special occassion or milestone, or basically as a fashionable fine jewellery piece. It goes with almost anything you wear and has that modern timelessness compared to more precious designs from the brand. The jewellery also had its fair share of silver screen cameo in Pedro Almodovar’s 2013 dramedy I’m So Excited! where it was worn by Paz Vega’s character in the film’s dramatic bridge scene.

Come April, Cartier is adding new choker styles and thicker bracelet versions to the Juste un Clou repertoire. The former features a gala-worthy 18K white gold piece fully paved with diamonds, while the bracelets come with more heft the ones in the market at the moment, but still with the kind of simplicity and freshness. Prices upon request.

One of the four renditions of the Juste un Clou choker is this slender 'S-sized' 18K yellow gold piece.
One of the four renditions of the Juste un Clou choker is this slender 'S-sized' 18K yellow gold piece.
The most extravagant of the Juste un Clou chokers is this 18K white gold piece fully paved with diamonds.
Another addition to the Juste un Clou family are these thicker clasp bracelets in 18K yellow and 18K pink gold studded with diamonds on the nail head and nail point.
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