The matelasse quilting has landed on Chanel’s bags, shoes, clothing and accessories. Now add jewellery to the mix. Are you seeing a pattern here?


When something like a $22,243 cuff is snagged online in less than 24 hours, you know it’s a hot ticket item. Such is the case with Chanel’s latest fine jewellery range when it had its worldwide e-commerce pop-up on Net-A-Porter in mid-April.

Theres A Reason Why Coco

Called Coco Crush, the range of 18K white and yellow gold rings and cuffs, which was launched at the Chanel Fine Jewellery store here on May 1, banks on a quintessential Chanel look: the matelasse (say ‘mah-tuh-last-see’) quilting.

Theres A Reason Why Coco 1

A fashion 101: Coco Chanel became smitten with the pattern – used on leather saddles from her horse-riding days – which she then adorned on the cushions of her salon, and most famously featured on the 2.55 flap bag. In 2015, the quilting pattern is turned into an unfussy, modern, and timeless design feature on bling by the maison. The bonus? The rings come in three widths: S, M and L. Great fodder if you’re into stacking. $2,940 to $28,310.