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Here's How 7 Cool, Up-And-Coming It Girls Rock Chanel's Code Coco Watch

The women fronting Chanel’s new Code Coco watch might not be as recognisable as its key design elements, but they’re just as intrinsic to the brand. We zero in on their influence.

code coco watch

Debuting in steel and a plain or full-diamond bezel, the Code Coco is an elegant-meets-edgy bracelet watch that adapts not only the quilted finish of Chanel’s 2.55 handbag, but also its clasp. The latter reveals the black dial only when closed, thanks to the timepiece’s innovative and supple wraparound strap.

code coco watchLucia Pica: The Italian is one of the biggest disrupters in today’s beauty scene with her artistic techniques and love for bold hues. Made Chanel’s global creative designer for makeup and colour in 2014, she lends her modern eye and sophisticated hand to everything from new makeup products to campaigns.