Why you will want this Chanel Premiere – because it will, it will rock you. 

The Chanel Premiere Reveals An Edgy Side

Eighties. Daisy Buchanan. Hip Hop. Street. Chanel’s very first watch model, launched in 1987, and one of the most recognisable chain watches around, has gone through all those disparate phases. For 2015, the timepiece enters a coming-of-age moment. 

The Chanel Premiere Reveals An Edgy Side 3


Think rebel rocker, heady days, rowdy crowds. Called Premiere Rock, the latest edition sees two interpretations of the style, and is fashioned after what the brand thinks women would wear to a rock gig. The slinkier model is the slim triple row chain (above), swathed in leather of pastel hues like pink, blue and brown ($7,290).

 The Chanel Premiere Reveals An Edgy Side 2

The crunchier version is a thicker double loop model, in a gunmetal-hue stainless steel chain ($7,700). Everything else we love about the watch remains: Same Place Vendome-shaped case, same swagger, same cool factor.