Dia-what, you ask? Diadem — the half-crown design that goes around the head — which was the headgear of choice for Empress Josephine, AKA Napoleon’s first wife and muse to Chaumet. Since 2010, the French jewellery house has been selling the Josephine Aigrette collection inspired by the silhouette of a diadem that has become something of a hot favourite among society and bridal types.


Then last year, the brand started revving up the trendy and youthful cachet of the line, starting with more colourful stones in pop colours like red garnet and green peridot, more streamlined designs to up the stackability factor, and new trendy styles like ear jackets.

As if that’s not enough, the brand has expanded its range with more colours this year. This time around, the hues are moodier and more sombre for those who prefer their bling more chic than brash. The semi-precious stones that popped up on rings, pendants and earrings include black spinel, champagne-coloured pyrope garnet and rose quartz.

The 2019 updates

If the last two stones seem to shine with more intensity, that’s because they have been given a cut called the “buff-top”. Essentially, the stone has been finished a smooth cabochon cut on the top part and faceted on the bottom, allowing for more line to shine through. We’ll say it: these pieces royally rock.