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At Chaumet's Marina Bay Sands Boutique, 18th Century French Decor Gets A Contemporary Update

The devil is in the details.

Say “18th century French mansion” and Rococo-rich interiors and gilded ornamentation will most likely jump to mind. But the approach that Parisian jeweller Chaumet took when it interpreted that idea for its newly opened store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (#01-57) is a little less OTT, and a lot more elegant and still Instagram-worthy.

Bathed in warm light, the space is anchored by sleek wood panelling crafted from American walnut. While the ear of wheat motif, a central theme of the maison — one of the earliest designs with the element was a tiara from 1811 created for Empress Marie-Louise, featuring nine diamond-ripe ears of wheat — appear as reliefs of exterior windows and panelings. Here, we list the different decor touches that make this store one of the most beautiful jewellery boutiques in town.

Dubbed blue de sevres, the emblematic blue shade that swathes the facade was created especially for the brand and made from cobalt oxide. The colour gets a glossy and luxurious lacquered finish for the entrance and is framed by rounded gold arches.   THE WALL ART
Think of this large slab of white alabaster stone as the maison’s answer to ornamental and theatrical Rococo art. The stone is backlit and radiates a soft glow — a poetic interpretation of the raw beauty of precious stones. Separately, the blue lacquer coffers are meant to mimic the armoire cabinet that Empress Josephine — the brand’s once famous customer and muse — used to house her jewels. THE PRIVATE SALON
Called the Salon Vendome, this intimate private area houses the most exceptional jewellery designs in store as well as serving as a place where customers can place special orders. Besides boasting a wall display featuring tiara replicas, the salon also comes with rounded Louis XV-inspired furniture. Look up and you can see a plaster and matte gold fresco with delicate weavings that are meant to portray the graceful branches of a weeping willow. After all, isn’t amazing ceiling views what 18th century mansions are known for? THE CROWNING GLORY
The bridal area in the store is situated near the pearl white alcove that’s embellished with a larger-than-life relief of the brand’s Bourbon-Parme tiara. Done in the bas-relief technique, this sculpture-like artwork is carved out, then chiselled into shape. The base of the counter, meanwhile, is made up of handcrafted sheaves of wheat in matte gold and symbolises union and fertility.