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The Cult Jewellery Brands That Go Big On Ethical Designs

Mass production is out, and sustainability is in. Get in on the biggest conversation in fashion right now with these ethical jewelry brands

Mass, thoughtless production is out, and sustainability is in. Get in on the biggest conversation in fashion right now with these ethical jewellery brands. With recycled materials, charitable donations and generations of well-paid artisans, what’s not to love? Ahead, feast your eyes and eco-conscious souls on 14 brands that are making a difference, while providing fashion-forward folk with the enviable jewels they desire.

This article first appeared on Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.

Noor Shamma
With pieces that land in the middle of modern and traditional, Noor Shamma utilises skilled artisans from New York. Each piece (available on is elegant, recycled, and conflict-free. Castle Cliff
Established in 1918 and manufactured in New York, Castle Cliff was relaunched in 2017 as a sustainable brand. They avoid toxic plating, and cast all pieces in recycled brass. Showcase all their enviable pieces (available on by layering them. The more the better. Golpira
Gisa Golpira started her eponymous label in 2014 with the commitment to source each element found within each product. ( Ali Grace Collection
Handcrafted in New York from recycled 14K gold and ethically-sourced diamonds and stones, The Ali Grace Collection will become your favorite brand to gift. ( SVNR
Combining modern silhouettes and ethical practices is SVNR, a brand committed to sustainable manufacturing techniques. All designs (available on are made from discovered, re-used, up-cycled materials and are handmade for a one-of-a-kind must-have. Accompany
Accompany sets out to design collections created by artisans in emerging economies, and that’s exactly what they accomplish. Through the transparent practice of direct trade, the covetable label is made by women, for women. About $73.15 via Agmes
The brand (available on is dedicated to curating collections that not only exude sophistication but harbour a small environmental footprint. Their eye-catching pieces are domestically made to support local businesses. Sandy Leong
With sustainability at the epicentre of each collection, Sandy Leong (available on proudly crafts each of her pieces from recycled 18K gold and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds. Production is executed in New York through transparent manufacturers, and the results are superbly elevated.