Two things Christian Dior loves: Roses and travelling. Dior’s jewellery guru, Victoire de Castellane combined these two elements into a chic modern charms-inspired line.

The 1

If wearing charms sound a little too Sweet Valley High, then Dior’s latest jewellery line might be just right for you. Called Rose de Vents (French for ‘wind rose’), it takes its name from the eight-point compasses that dot the roofs of seaside homes in France. Apparently, that’s what Monsieur Christian Dior saw a lot of in the coastal town of Granville where he spent his childhood. Eight is also a lucky number for the man, and when he started his couture house, he spotted a lucky star too. What’s lucky for us, though, is how Dior Joaillerie’s creative director Victoire de Castellane has interpreted the Rose de Vents into a chic symbol of the collection. The symbol is emblazoned on one side of yellow gold, mother-of-pearl, pink opal, rose gold or turquoise medallions as charms. The best bit: the design is available on a pendant and a long sautoir necklace too.

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