Dior Joaillerie turns 20 this year – and to mark that milestone, it’s doing so in spectacularly… petite style.

Let me explain: Mimirose, the French maison’s newest jewellery release, is a hybrid of sorts between two existing ranges – Mimioui (known for its fine chains) and the popular charm-based Rose des Vents, which pays tribute to Christian Dior’s love for the eight-pointed compass.

The result: the Mimirose collection, comprising of gossamer-thin rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, comes across as youthful without being too precious – though the gems that it comes with (diamonds, rubies or emeralds) certainly are. For now, designs are available in yellow or pink gold iterations.

As fans of delicate jewellery, we can absolutely see the Mimirose appealing to the like-minded. That said, whether you’re a fan of more-is-more (go ahead, stack the pieces) or veer towards minimalism (opt for the one-sided ear stud), the collection has charm in spades.

The Mimirose collection is currently available at Dior boutiques and online.