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Singapore Label Amado Gudek Creates Beautiful Eco Friendly Wood Jewellery

You’ve heard of eco fashion and eco beauty. But eco jewellery? That’s still a niche segment in the retail scene that very few have cornered. Even rarer: Sustainable jewellery that’s also edgy. Elaine Tan, the founder and designer of homegrown label Amado Gudek, has aced that.

Since starting her label in 2010, the M.O. for her handcrafted designs has always been to use sustainable materials like eco-friendly bioresins. Tan’s latest collection, however, features a material she’s never worked with before: Driftwood.

Dubbed Drift Away, Tan wanted “something that was organic, unique and that would represent freedom from uniformity and banality.” Underscoring Tan’s green approach to design, pieces of driftwood are encased in bioresin for earrings and necklaces, while the pendants are obtained from a local fish farm. The protective coating of the dried wood, meanwhile, is organic beeswax. And because everything is crafted by hand, each piece ($129-$169) is unique. See the pieces in our gallery below and shop them now on Amado Gudek’s website and multi-label store Threadbare & Squirrel.

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