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Known for their smartwatches that are functional yet stylish, Garmin’s sleek watches are perfect for the modern person with an active lifestyle. We take a closer look at Garmin’s latest addition, the Venu, designed specifically to be a part of your everyday life. Here are its key features to look out for:

1. It’s stylish

Unlike previous Garmin and other smartwatch counterparts, the Garmin Venu is stylish enough to be worn as a fashion accessory as it is for all its smartwatch functions. It comes in four different colours for your picking – black with gold, light sand with rose gold, granite blue with silver and black with slate, with the bezel coming in an elegant metal finish.

But the display itself is the standout feature; it’s got a bold and vibrant screen with a full touchscreen.

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2. It’s your very own personal trainer 

Workouts are made more fun with the Venu. It contains over 40 on-device animated workouts ranging from strength training, cardio, yoga and Pilates, all of which are easy to follow and demonstrate getting the form and technique right straight from your wrist.

And there’s even more available to download from Garmin Connect, so you can never make the excuse of not knowing what to do the next time you are at the gym.

Plus, for those who prefer something more personalised, you’re not left out too, for Garmin has the option of customisable workouts. With expert coaching and a dynamic training plan that adapts to your goals and performance, the Garmin Coach is your personal trainer to guide you to your next running goal. There is a wide variety of plans available to suit your individual goals. Throughout your training, you’ll also receive videos and running tips from your coach to improve your performance.

Not to mention, the smartwatch comes with GPS and wrist-band heart rate.

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3. It promotes your overall wellbeing

The smartwatches boasts a range of 24/7 health monitoring features such as sleep tracking with Pulse Ox, new respiration tracking, abnormal heart rate alerts, menstrual cycling tracking, stress and hydration tracking, and more. It also boasts a whole host of relaxation features, such as new structured breathwork activities designed to promote focus and relaxation for whenever you need to catch a breather from daily tasks.

Its innovative Body Battery energy monitoring lets you check in on your energy levels at any time of the day, which can be a helpful tool in scheduling your workouts, rest times and sleep, for when it is an optimal time for activity or rest.

Finally, Venu aids in winding down with advanced sleep monitoring that tracks the quality of your sleep.

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4. It’s great for all-day connection and convenience 

Along with all its numerous health features, there’s a whole roster of features for all-round convenience. You can listen to music without your phone, pay with a flick of your wrist, and stay connected with smart notifications for incoming calls, social media updates, calendar reminders and more, and android users can even reply to text messages straight from the device. Venu has a battery life of up to five days in smartwatch mode, and up to six hours in GPS + music mode.

Venu is available at all authorised retailers for $589.

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