Model above: (On right ring finger) Small18K white gold ring with diamonds, (on left index finger) mini 18K beige gold ring and medium 18K white gold ring and (on left ring finger) small 18K yellow gold ring and medium 18K yellow gold ring. Wool tweed mini dress. Model below: (On right index finger) Small18K beige gold ring and small 18K white gold ring, (on right ring finger) small 18K beige gold ring and medium 18K white gold ring, (on left ring finger) mini rings in 18K beige gold with diamonds and plain 18K white gold, (on left middle finger) 18K beige gold rings in small and medium, and (on left index finger) mini 18K beige gold rings plain and with diamonds. Wool tweed jacket. All jewellery (worn throughout), Coco Crush, Chanel Watches And Fine Jewellery Boutique. All clothes, Chanel

The Chanel Coco Crush collection has seen its fair share of updates and iterations in the short five years since its inception in 2015. Among others, its signature band ring design has been turned into an open ring style that you can wear interlaced between your digits. There were also the large chunky bracelets it created as a high-end fine jewellery nod to Mademoiselle Chanel’s love for wearing her costume jewellery cuffs.

No matter the situation, what remains is the timeless and sophisticated quality of the Coco Crush pieces – an aspect made possible by the graphic incisions on the gold that mimic the maison’s iconic matelasse quilting immortalised in the designs of handbags like the 2.55 and the Chanel 19. The result is modern and graphic jewellery pieces which are primed for the everyday and great for layering.

(On index finger) Mini 18K beige gold rings plain and with diamonds, (on middle finger) 18K yellow gold rings in small and medium, (ring finger) mini 18K beige gold rings plain and with diamonds, and (on wrist) 18K white gold bracelet with diamonds. Silk crepe shirt

Now, the latest additions to the collection that dropped in March lets you channel your individuality and increase your level of experimentation even further. The six new band designs – dubbed the Coco Crush Mini – boast the slimmest and thinnest dimensions for rings in the Coco Crush lineup. These miniature pieces come in yellow gold, white gold, and the maison’s propriety beige gold, with versions featuring diamonds set into the quilting motif.

This outing completes the size spectrum that the Coco Crush collection comes in, making layering possibilities even more endless. Want to layer your rings but in a more low key way? We suggest stacking three miniature Coco Crush on one finger to give an effect of a thicker band design. Prefer something edgier? Try slipping on a medium-sized Coco Crush ring first and then put on a miniature ring halfway down the same finger to create a midi-ring aesthetic.

18K beige and white gold bar-style ear cuff with diamonds and 18K white gold earring with diamonds (sold as a pair). Silk crepe halter top

But the best bit about the latest update to the Coco Crush collection is the fact that these dainty rings come with pocket-friendly prices – starting from $1,800 for a full yellow gold piece. In these tough times, this attractive proposition gives us a good reason to continue flexing our individuality and have fun with jewellery.

(From top) Multi-cuff earring in 18K white and yellow gold with diamonds, 18K white gold rings in mini and small with diamonds and plain medium, and 18K beige gold bracelet. Wool tweed jacket

Photography Stefan Khoo, assisted by Alif Styling Imran Jalal, assisted by Soo Jet Ong Hair Junz Loke, using Kevin.Murphy Makeup Sha Shamsi, using Chanel Models Kim Wessendrop & Ophelia Lundstrom/Mannequin Location Nineteen80

This article first appeared in the May 2020 Behind-The-Scenes Edition of FEMALE