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Goldheart's New Jewellery Piece is the One Ring to Rule Them All

The last time a ring came with so much power, it was probably on its way to Mordor. 

Goldheart Debuts GemstoneGoldheart has a similar proposition, though in a more fashionable manner. Its six-piece Couleur rings from the contemporary Mode collection is all about semi-precious stones and the qualities they are said to represent. Each of the yellow gold and diamonds piece is topped off with either a cabochon of lapis lazuli, chalcedony, smokey quartz, lemon quartz, green agate or orange agate. Some may subscribe to the adage that blue lapis lazuli, for instance, embodies wisdom and truth, or how green agate represents healing and hope. But we suspect the pretty bamboo-like design of the ring shank, matched with a pop of colour from the stone, is magic enough.

Yellow gold with diamonds, $638, Goldheart