Poh Heng's 1st shop along North Bridge Road in 1948_lrIt’s made by the go-to name for gold jewellery here. The 67-year-old company, started by Chng Tok Ngam in North Bridge Road, was such a hit for its gold pieces, fans range from Peranakan nonyas and babas, to regional film stars like Hong Kong actress Josephine Siao (above). Today, its signature are those 22K gold designs that range from the traditional to the more contemporary Oro 22 range.

The Peranakans sure know how to do heirloom pieces. Chances are your Peranakan friends might own jewellery, silverware, Victorian-influenced antiques and even china and furniture that have been passed down from generations. And when it comes to jewellery, the gold kerongsang, or decorative brooches used to fastened kebayas, and the gold panel belts, are mainstays.

These gold plates – one of the largest found in Singapore – are stitched to the opposite ends of pillows or bolsters of the bridal bed.
These belts are typically worn for formal events like weddings, dinners and anniversaries.
Victorian influences are often depicted in Peranakan jewellery.

Poh Heng has been making them back in the day which still look timeless now. Need proof? Just look at some of the pieces above which the brand crafted for its clients back in the ’60s, and that it has preserved till this day.

Press Release - Poh Heng Peranakan Ensemble Collection - High Res Photo
Wear the Peranakan Ensemble pieces the traditional way, or pair them with more contemporary pieces for a vintage-modern combo.

The Peranakan Ensemble look Poh Heng created for SG50 comes with a modern touch. It took the folks here two years to create the 13-piece collection. Everything revolves around the motif of the phoenix – central to Peranakan culture. The bold strokes and minimal diamond embellishment give the jewellery a clean and updated vibe. What this means: you can pair the pieces easily with any getups without looking too ethnic.

Bintang - Pendant_Brooch (no chain)
The Bintang pendant doubles as a brooch.
Prompuan - Earrings
The Prompuan series feature thicker lines for a more modern touch.

You will love the choices. If you find solid yellow gold (22K) too overpowering, opt for the designs in a cooler 18K white gold. The collection spans five lines, from the more ornate and traditional designs to something more contemporary.

$1,350-$48,500, at all Poh Heng stores from August 1.

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