The Big Bang Millennial Pink is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide.

Three years ago, millennial pink ruled the world. The soft blush hue popped up in interiors, chocolates, films, cosmetics, fashion… you get the picture. Plenty of theories were floated as to why the colour gained such a universal appeal.

The Guardian wrote that its popularity is “a way to be pretty while retaining your intellectual detachment”. Others cited studies – though their conclusions are still disputed – as to why humans react to the pink hue favourably. One famous study often quoted was from the ’70s by biosocial researcher Alexander Schauss who stated that the colour is able to lower blood pressure and aggressive behaviour. Basically, it keeps you calm AF.

The watch case is made from lightweight aluminium to give it an industrial and unisex appeal.

For the folk at Hublot, the themes of inclusivity, positivity and gender-neutrality that are associated with millennial pink are precisely why the shade is made for the times. To epitomise these values, the brand has debuted millennial pink for the latest iteration of its flagship Big Bang model. Dubbed Big Bang Millennial Pink, this tone-on-tone unisex 42mm automatic timepiece is a collaboration with luxury customiser Garage Italian and the suave Italian designer Lapo Elkann.

Designer Lapo Elkann proves that real men wear pink.

The case is crafted from lightweight aluminium and anodised to give the piece its pink tint and also to make it scratch- and impact-resistant. The watch is a workhorse – it is powered by Hublot’s in-house Unico chronograph movement that boasts a powerful 72-hour power reserve. And like most timepieces today, this one comes with a set of two interchangeable straps – one in rubber and another in a knit Velcro strap – for you to change up your look. 

Now that you’ve got the specs, consider this other fact that makes the Big Bang Millennial Pink watch a horology must-have: this collectible timepiece ($27,500) is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide.