Two decades in and online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter is well and truly the department store for the internet generation. To wit: the retailer has moved quite comfortably into the realm of watches and jewellery – and we’re talking the fancy stuff, not just fashion pieces – that a few years ago were the exclusive preserve of physical retail. 

This month, Net-A-Porter is launching a Fine Watch & Jewellery Icons campaign that celebrates some of its bestselling brands as well as introducing some exciting new ones. Of the latter, Irene Neuwirth is of particular interest.

Irene Neuwirth Love 18-karat rose gold and opal earrings, $1,807 from Net-A-Porter
Irene Neuwirth Love 18K rose gold and opal earrings, $1,807,

Neuwirth is a Los Angeles-based jewellery designer known for a whimsical, one-of-a-kind style. Colour is a strong focus for the brand and designer, and her pieces often irreverently combine different coloured gemstones so the effect is, while surely luxurious and sophisticated, fun and lighthearted

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The addition of Irene Neuwirth’s line is also exciting because for a long while, the brand has been quite difficult to get a hold of. Neuwirth entered the jewellery business through an exclusive partnership with New York shopping mecca Barneys. Alas, Barneys has filed for bankruptcy and folded – but that actually leaves Neuwirth now with the freedom to expand the availability of her fine jewellery. 

Irene Neuwirth Classic 18-karat gold necklace, $5,183 from Net-A-Porter
Irene Neuwirth Classic 18K yellow gold necklace, $5,183,

If you happen to be in Los Angeles, Neuwirth has a flagship boutique in Melrose Place decorated entirely in her style. Sunny, breezy, and full of cheer – not unlike the pieces she’s most famous for. Among them are the Gumball line of designs, which feature colourful precious orbs (primarily of pearl, chrysoprase, or pink opals) and which have been worn by the likes of Sarah Paulson to events like the CFDA awards. Neuwirth also counts names like Tracee Ellis Ross and Brie Larson – among other Hollywood style cognoscenti – as fans of her work.

Irene Neuwirth 18-karat gold and diamond bracelet, $5,929 from Net-A-Porter
Irene Neuwirth 18K yellow gold bracelet with diamonds, $5,929,

In the more likely event that you’re shopping online, however, you can now happily turn to Net-A-Porter to get your fix of Irene Neuwirth’s designs with the creature comforts of speedy, reliable international shipping.