Tudor Heritage Black Bay Red 41mm stainless steel case, black fabric strap and self-winding mechanical movement. Dress, Bottega Veneta

She may have been crowned Asia’s Best Pastry Chef two years in a row by San Pellegrino, but Janice Wong is not one to rest on her sugary laurels. Having expanded into Tokyo and Hong Kong, Wong is bringing the big guns back to our shores with the opening of her flagship restaurant at the National Museum this August.

Janice Wong Singapore is a 1,507 sq ft wonderland of crazy confections for customers to interact with, such as edible spinning tops and chocolate paint. “Our mission statement focuses on consistency and play. Anything we pick up can be made edible and fun. We want to give customers an emotional experience; a joy and happiness that’s tasty as well,” she enthuses.

Wong’s mind is a ceaseless factory of sweet dreams that churns out new recipes and ideas every other day, and one that is guided by the seasons. Autumn-themed desserts are due for Tokyo soon, she explains. A timely reminder comes in the form of the Heritage Black Bay Red, which Wong thinks represents strength. “It’s also a happy colour!”


Photography Joel Low, assisted by Alfie Pan Styling Imran Jalal Hair Manisa Tan/Paletteinc, using La Biosthetique

An adapted version first appeared in 24:7. 

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