Metal chain necklace with matching charm, Dior

They might be popularly associated with streetwear and musicians with names like 2 Chainz, but graphic styles of bijoux inspired by mechanical parts were in fact first popularised in the ’60s as a response to the era’s obsession with all things futuristic. Flash forward to Pre-Fall, and they take on a different romantic note. At Hermes (below), the clasp on its iconic Kelly bag inspires an elongated pair of yellow gold drop earrings and matching lariat necklace. Tiffany & Co. updates its chain-and-ball Hardwear collection in elegant 18K white gold and diamonds. And at Dior (above), mid-sized chain chokers get a girlie touch with star-shaped lockets. Fun yet feminine and everyday-friendly – dayumm, this is fine.

Kelly Chaine 18K yellow gold drop earrings, Hermes. Prices unavailable

This story first appeared in Female’s July 2018 print issue.