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Add The Wow Factor To Your Holiday Gifts With These Chaumet Jewellery & Watch Pieces

Consider this a masterclass in holiday gifting.

Scouting for the perfect holiday gift that can impress is no walk in the park. Especially when it involves something as personal and intimate as buying jewellery. For its 2019 series of holiday ideas – The Precious Chaumet Constellations – Place Vendome jewellery maison Chaumet has curated an array of precious pieces that have been designed to appeal to a variety of tastes. Cue the minimalist Bee My Love collection which features a very contemporary take on the house’s signature honeycomb motif which will speak to the design fiend. Or how about the ’80s-tinged Bolero 18K yellow gold timepiece which boasts bold curves and a retro-style bracelet which would be perfect for the vintage fan. Browse above to see the holiday ideas that you can wow with.

For The Modernist
The bee has been a well-beloved motif at Chaumet since the 18th century. It pays homage to the maison’s greatest patrons: Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Empress Josephine. Bonaparte was known for sporting a golden bee emblem on his uniforms and coat of arms and went as far as decorating the couple’s apartments with the design. Riffing on that theme, the Bee My Love collection of honeycomb-inspired pieces was launched in 2012 as a playful line of fine jewellery. Earlier this year, it got its most abstract facelift: the polished gold designs now sport minimalist honeycomb pattern. Each bracelet, necklace and ring features miniature hexagonal prisms arranged in a clean graphic manner and comes with a choice of brilliant-cut diamonds.   For The Opulent Dresser
Consider the Bee My Love Exquises collection as the maximalist cousin of the Bee My Love collection (see the previous slide). Each of the cocktail rings in this collection makes a statement with its whopper-sized oval-cut gemstone. The latter ranges from tanzanite to pink tourmaline to aquamarine and is held by prongs decorated with intricate motifs of bees and honeycombs. Perfect for those who dig standout pieces. For The Whimsical One
The Josephine collection got its name from the Empress who was both an ardent supporter and muse of Chaumet. In particular, Josephine’s trademark diadems inspired the ultra-feminine and delicate designs of the pieces in this range. Take the Josephine Splendeur Imperiale rings for instance. These platinum pieces come with a flourish of diamond and a solitaire of pear-cut diamond to create a design that mimics a diadem. Meanwhile, the Josephine Aigrette line features a trio of stackable gold rings in the shape of a tiara that are adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds. One of the pieces in this series features a cluster of Akoya cultured pearls. For The Pretty Romantic
The laurel is a symbol of immortality, victory, and power and has been a recurring design element that Chaumet employs in its designs. The Laurier collection adopted the leaf motif and sculpted it into an 18K white gold medallion pendant to poetic effect. The bonus? The symbolic meanings attached to the laurel will make this piece a great talisman for the romantic at heart. For The Cool And Understated
The Liens collection has been at the heart of Chaumet’s jewellery design since 1970. Famed for its X link-shaped motif, the designs remain as one of the most androgynous and versatile pieces in the brand’s repertoire. The Chaumet Liens series comprises slim bands and bracelets and come in gold and colourful ceramic lacquer which include variations with paved diamonds. For a bolder yet effortless look, the thicker Liens Seduction 18K white gold band with its interlocking X design will do the trick. For The Vintage Fiend
Watches with Milanese mesh bracelets evoke timepieces from yesteryear and these designs will be a hit with those who prefer a dose of nostalgia. Such is the case with the quartz-powered stainless steel Hortensia Eden which features a bezel decorated with delicate sculptural motifs of the namesake flower. The fine-brushed blue sunray dial adds to the romantic charm of the timepiece. On the other hand, the quartz-powered Bolero is an 18K yellow gold timepiece with a flexible gold Milanese bracelet. Its sweeping profile and curvaceous bezel call to mind the design of gold watches from the ’80s.