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Whether It's An Acquaintance Or BFF, Here's What To Get The One Who Loves Her Bling

They say jewellery is the exclamation mark of every outfit. That said, who doesn’t love the excitement that comes with donning a new piece of bling? Whether the receiver is an acquaintance (thanks, Secret Santa) or a long time BFF, we’ve got all the price points covered.

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Metal rings, $39.90, Zara
We all love an assortment of rings to choose from, and these are perfect for stacking. Metal earrings, $29.90, Zara
Jewel appliques are key to looking expensive while on a budget. Metal necklace, $19, Pomelo Fashion
This is the perfect layering piece to add some edge to an outfit. Glass necklace, $65, Bimba Y Lola
We love its interesting textured combination of multicolour stones and metal pieces. Brass hoop earrings, $137.70 (S$188.60),
This is a bold upgrade of the staple hoops that your friend who never leaves home without hers will love. Rhodium-plated earrings, $249, Swarovski
These delicate leaf earrings instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Necklace, $449, Swarovski
They can be worn separately or together and come with magnetic closures much to the happiness of the wearer. Brass and lacquer earring, $278 (S$381), Chloe
This Femininities earring is a reinterpretation of a historical Chloe symbol, and the gold chains combined with the sea coral hand charm strikes a balance between bold and feminine. Brass bracelet, $383 (S$525), Chloe
We are fans of the delicate engraving of Chloe’s signature symbols on the vintage brass. Leather bracelet, $750, Loewe
This bracelet is the ultimate statement piece for giving any outfit extra edginess. Brass earrings, $750, Loewe
A bold pair of earrings that come with an interesting hammered texture. 18k gold Trinity bracelet, $9,200, Cartier
This is one of Cartier’s signature pieces, and the three interlaced bands — white, pink and yellow — is perfect for the friend who is an ultimate gold-buff.