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How Long A Kiss Should Last According To Chanel J12 Model Lily-Rose Depp

Is it really all about seconds? Find out in our exclusive interview with the Gen Z runway siren – and what the 80-year-old screen legend/fellow Chanel J12 campaign star Ali MacGraw has to say in contrast.

One is a 20-year-old budding actress who shot to fame for having parents who were two of the ’90s sexiest pop cultural icons and has over three million followers on Instagram. The other is an anti-social media screen legend who turned 80 in April and won a Golden Globe award for “Most Promising Newcomer” back in 1970.

To say that Lily-Rose Depp and Ali MacGraw are generations apart would be stating the obvious. That however is part of the charm of the Chanel J12 campaign that the two are a part of. Launched earlier this year, it sees them – alongside an eclectic A-list cast that includes supermodels Liu Wen and Naomi Campbell; Chinese actor/singer William Chan; and Depp’s mum Vanessa Paradis – reminiscing about definitive moments in their lives to go with the watch’s new tagline, “It’s all about seconds”.

(The same focus on the little things can be said about the iconic timepiece, which was introduced in the year 2000 and has been upgraded considerably this year to be more refined and comfortable – though you’ll only notice the differences when you wear it or look really close. Word has it this updated Chanel J12 has been such a hit, it sold out when it was launched in stores here in September and has since had to be re-stocked.)

So when we were given the exclusive chance to meet and do a round of quick-fire questions (guess the brand takes its “It’s all about seconds” tagline seriously) with both Depp and MacGraw during the reveal of the improved timepiece in Paris earlier this year, we couldn’t help but do a bit of a social experiment and find out: just how differently would a Gen Z and a pre-baby boomer perceive time – or should we say, seconds?


Lily Rose Depp Chanel J12

Lily-Rose Depp wearing the black version of the Chanel J12, which now sports ceramic numerals, a more refined crown as well as smaller grooves around the bezel for a more elegant look that makes the timepiece even more suitable for transitioning from day to evening.

Her background: Still not of legal age, but already a Chanel catwalk and campaign veteran who fronted the brand’s No. 5 L’eau perfume ad three years ago; was the closing “bride” for its Spring Summer 2017 couture show; and basically grew up with the French maison and the late, great Uncle Karl. Oh yeah, and she’s been amassing a string of critically acclaimed French movies as an actress too.

Number of seconds it takes for her to know that she likes somebody after meeting him/her: “Uhm, it depends on the situation. But it can happen in a matter of seconds.”

Number of seconds it takes for her to get a photograph right as a model: “It depends on the day. It can be in a split second, or it can sometimes not work at all.”

Number of seconds it takes for her decide on an outfit: “Only a few minutes.”

Number of seconds it takes for her to decide that a video on social media is worth her time: “Three.”

Number of seconds it takes for her to achieve the perfect lip (she really does love a good lipstick – watch video here): “I have gotten very good at that so I would say 10 seconds.”

Number of seconds a hug with a loved one should last for her: “As many as possible.”

Number of seconds a good kiss should last: “I don’t know! Seven?”

Her first thought the second she heard that she was going to be a part of the new Chanel J12 campaign: “I was so excited, especially when I heard about all the other wonderful people whom I would be doing this alongside with. I was really excited to be a part of the group.”

Number of seconds she thinks should go into crafting a tweet: “I don’t use Twitter, but you should always think about what you say.”

Number of seconds this interview lasted: 156

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